GM and Volunteer Rewards

Recognizing the contributions that Game Masters and Volunteers make to the success of Nuke-Con, we have decided to institute the following program.

Nuke-Con will reimburse volunteers (including volunteer game masters) for part or all of the cost of their membership badges based on the hours worked on behalf of the convention, according to the following schedule:

For 8 hours of game or volunteer time, ½ of the badge’s purchase price.
For 12 hours of game or volunteer time, the entire price of the badge.

Game master reimbursement will be based on actual game hours run and tracked by means of the Game Registration cards.
Volunteer hours will be tracked through the Volunteer Coordinator at Registration.
Volunteer hours and game master hours may be combined to determine the reimbursement.
All hours, game time and volunteer time, must be scheduled in advance.

Badge rewards will be reimbursed after the convention and will be capped at the actual cost of each badge.

Game Master Only badges will be available for those who do not plan to play.

Pre-convention and Aftershock volunteer activities are also eligible for reimbursement. Those who are interested should contact the Convention Coordinator.