Staff & Board of Directors

Staff List

While we have many volunteers, there are a few individuals that run the various departments that make Nuke-Con go. If you have questions regarding the programming for the annual convention or regarding our organization, these are the people that can answer your question or make sure it gets answered.


Nuke-Con is run by volunteers. We want to recognize the people that put in many hours during the year, at our game days, and at our annual convention. Here are just a few:

  • Ryan Hruska
  • John Kelly
  • James Davis
  • Sarah Young
  • Jaime Young
  • Mark Wooge
  • Josh Stortz
  • Mac McIntyre
  • Blair Vanbriesen
  • Erik Luken
  • Sqeaky (Joe) Toppi
  • Robin Blevins
  • Leslie Vanbriesen
  • Mark Sidwell
  • Ann Myers
  • Linda Snider
  • Norajane McIntyre
  • Cheri Sailors
  • Fredd Gorham
  • Todd Furler
  • Keri Haney

Board of Directors

The Nuke-Con Board of Directors is charged with general oversight and financial responsibility for the organization. It approves and supports the core Convention staff each year.

The Board of Directors consists of three to seven members, two of which are elected by the general Nuke-Con community. The elected members serve staggered two-year terms.

The current Board of Directors is:

If you’re interested in joining the governing body of the organization, contact the Chair.