Friday 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM Central | DDAL-02
The adventurers seek out a trusted sage at Morgrave University to help them unlockthe mysteries of the Oracle of War, but their studies risk upsetting powerful forces. Morgrave is said to be a beacon of knowledge shining from the city’s tallest towers, yet the adventurers soon learn that it can also be a deep pit of corruption. This Tier 2 adventure is optimized for APL 5, and is the first adventure in the three-part Fortunes of War storyline.
Players (min / max): 3 / 6
Signed up: No one is signed up at this time.

Game System: D&D 5th Edition Adventurers League
Character Level: 5-10
GMs: Amphone Nanthavong
Skill Levels: Skilled
Event Categories: RPG

Online Platform: Discord