Announcing Nuke-Con 2017!

Friday, October 6 through Sunday, October 8!

Hotel RL
3321 S. 72nd St.
Omaha, NE 68124
(You used to know this as the Ramada Plaza)

Pre-registration is now open. Get details at the Registration menu at the top of the page.

We’re planning for more people, more games, more tournaments, more fun!

Today’s List of Games is Brought to You by the Letter “K”

Just a few of the 293 events you may see at this year’s convention:


All these games and much more are coming to Nuke-Con starting October 6th, 2017.
You can look at the full list and plan your schedule at the Fallout Shelter.

See you at Nuke-Con!

$1K Modern Magic: the Gathering Tournament

Calling all Magic: the Gathering players!


We are pleased to announce that HobbyTown Lincoln will be hosting the annual $1K Modern Magic: the Gathering Tournament at Nuke-Con 2017!

The tournament will take place on Saturday, October 7th at 11:00 am.
Players should keep the following in mind:

  • Players will need to buy a convention badge to gain access to the convention.
  • There will be a $10 entry fee, payable at Registration, to enter the tournament.
  • Players should arrive at the tournament location at least 30 minutes early.
  • The tournament format will be Modern. Players will need to bring a Modern-legal pre-constructed deck (for more information on the Modern format, please check the Modern Format page).
  • The set “Ixalan” will be legal as of September 29th, 2017 and will be allowed for this tournament.
  • The total prize pool is $1,000 cash to be divided among the top eight winners:
First Place $400
Second Place $200
Third and Fourth Places $100
Fifth through Eighth Places $50


There are only 60 seats available for this event. so buy your convention badge now (pre-reg pricing ends on September 16!) and then visit the Fallout Shelter to reserve your seat!


Last Chance to Order TShirts

magenta_shirtDeadline for pre-orders is
Tuesday, September 6 at midnight!
Get yours here!







Second in the Nuke-Con Mascot series, we bring you — Magenta!

Not seeing a size you need? Want a hoodie or long sleeves? Have you already bought your badge but now need your shirt? Contact us about a special order.

We’ll have a few of these for sale at the convention, but last year’s portrait of Dunjin Diceroller sold out the very first day. Make sure to order a Magenta T-shirt now!

TShirts! Get Your Magenta TShirts Here!

magenta_shirtSecond in the Nuke-Con Mascot series, we bring you — Magenta!

You can pre-order yours here .

Not seeing a size you need? Want a hoodie or long sleeves? Have you already bought your badge but now need your shirt? Contact us about a special order.

We’ll have a few of these for sale at the convention, but last year’s portrait of Dunjin Diceroller sold out the very first day. Make sure to order a Magenta T-shirt now!


Get Your Fuel on at Nuke-Con!

New to Nuke-Con 2017 — FUELING ON SITE!

The GodMom has been contemplating the expenses of a gamer’s weekend. Everybody has to eat.

Here are some typical expenses for eating during the convention:

Lunch Burger, Side, Drink, and Dessert. $13.00
Dinner Quesadilla, Tortilla Chips, Drink, and Dessert. $15.00
Valuable gaming time lost due to eating off-site ~ 1 Hour


Nuke-Con has a new alternative… on-site eating!

Meal Box Sandwich, Chips, Pasta Salad, Fruit, Drink, and Cookie. $15.00
Valuable gaming time lost due to eating on-site ~ 5 Minutes




We regret this very important announcement for our gamers:

Hotel RL requires Nuke-Con to enforce the No Outside Food rule.


You can reserve your meals ahead of time here when you buy your badge, and then your Fuel Rod tickets will be ready in your Registration packet when you check in.

NOTE: If you have already bought your badge, or if you have difficulties with the link, contact Registration.

You have until September 16th, 2017 to reserve your Fuel Rods.

More detail, including the specific Fuel Rod choices for each mealtime, can be found here.

You’ll receive an email before the convention asking you to make your meal selections.

Quantities are limited. Maintain your Nuke-lear Reaction and reserve your Fuel Rods now!

Rewards for GMs and Volunteers

We all love games, but we all have other expenses. In an effort to help maintain a healthy balance, Nuke-Con brings you

The Game Master and Volunteer

Reimbursement Program

The goal: to provide a way for dedicated volunteers and game masters to reduce the cost of a convention badge.

The sytem: For every eight hours of pre-registered volunteer eb54bdbd-6ef8-4be6-98ce-6d566b4fb9e5-6634-0000052126034f3dtime, or every eight hours of games that are scheduled in advance and that run, Nuke-Con will reimburse half the cost of the volunteer’s badge. For twelve hours of volunteer or game time, we’ll reimburse the entire cost of the badge. Mixing game time and volunteer time is permitted. Pre-registering for either function is required.

We also need volunteers for pre-convention activities; this time will count toward the total, as will games registered in advance for Aftershocks.

As always, there is fine print which you can find here.

Nuke-Con recognizes that our convention cannot run without its volunteers and its game masters. Our gratitude has no half-life; it is forever. We’re glad to be able to offer this tangible evidence.

Nuke-Con and the D&D 5th Edition Adventurers League welcome Special Guest Claire Hoffman

Claire is an Associate Content Manager at D&D Adventurers League Organizers

Claire will be on site throughout the weekend, hanging out in the Guest Pit when she’s not actually running adventures:

DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid (Level 1-4) – Friday, 7pm
DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid (Level 5-10) – Saturday, 9am
DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid (Level 1-4) – Saturday, 7pm
DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid (Level 5-10) – Saturday, 9pm

Claire will also be bringing Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire.

Tell all your friends!

Call for Events for Nuke-Con 2017

Nuke-Con 2017 is October 6th-8th and will be held at Hotel RL on 72nd and Grover.

Have a tabletop adventure or other event you’d like to share with a group of people that love games? Maybe a little miniature war-game mayhem? Have an idea for a tournament? Great, now is the time! Submit your event idea for Nuke-Con 2017 online. If you would prefer to mail in your event, you can find the form under our Event Submission section.

Important Dates

  • Event Submission Deadline for the Convention Book: September 5th
  • Attendee Pre-Registration Deadline: September 16th

It’s Time Again for YELLOW CAKE!


Aftershock 2017.3 YELLOW CAKE is heating up again! We’ll be back at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Saturday, July 29. There will be board games, roleplaying games, card games, dice games, snacks, good buddies, new buddies, and (if the fire team can bake) yellow cake of the edible variety!

We know you ask every year, “what’s in it for me at an Aftershock event”? And the answer remains:

  • Games you’ve never played before.
  • Games that need several players to make happen.
  • New players to show off to and share your favorite games with!
  • A fun day of gaming with family and friends at minimal cost!

The mix is unpredictable, but the entertainment is undeniable at the Aftershock YELLOW CAKE event! Come along and add to the zest, why don’t cha?


WHEN: July 29th, 2017

WHERE: Holy Cross Lutheran Church
4117 Terrace Dr. Omaha, Nebraska 68134
(map below)

TIMES: 10AM – 10PM

FEE: $5 at the door. Get a $1 discount by bringing two non-perishable, non-expired food items.

Parking Note: Guests should park in the south parking lot and enter through the south doors.

Plenty of time still to get your game in!
Sign-Up in the Fallout Shelter

Questions? email
GM Deadline- June 15th, 2016