The Nuke-Con Staff are the folks who work behind the scenes all year to make our Weekend of Games happen. For most of the year it takes an hour or so a week. As the convention gets closer and closer, we might work an hour or so every night.

Some of us use the same skills for the convention that we use for our day jobs, because that’s what we’re good at. Some people like to do something completely different. There are creative types, and “just get the job done!” types. There are introverts and extroverts. There are procrastinators and . . . better procrastinators. Hey, we’re still people!

We’re all volunteers, and we all have the same aim: to offer you a convention that we’d be happy to attend ourselves.

Introducing your 2019 Nuke-Con Staff

Convention Coordinator Norajane “The GodMom” McIntyre
Registration and IT Manager Josh Stortz
Site / Venue Designer Jaime Young
Game Registration Erik Luken
Merchant Liaison Sean “Speedy” Coveney
Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Murphy
T-Shirt Designer and Sometime Graphic Artist Ann Myers
Nuke-Con Mascot Artist Fredd Gorham
Art Show Coordinator Stasia Waymire
Guest Liaison Leslie VanBriesen
T-Shirt and Prize Vault Manager Mike McIntyre
Social Media & Marketing Steve Dawes, Keri Haney Henschke