Saturday 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Central | B09
This is not a strategic level game where one piece represents several ships. Flying Colors includes individually named ships rated for size, gunnery, boarding ability, and damage capacity. Also included are nearly four dozen individually named commanders, rated for their ability to control their formations as well as the impact of their presence within the fleet. The game system provides what naval enthusiasts will expect in a tactical Age of Sail game: broadsides, rakes, anchoring, wind effects, weather, shore batteries, and much more. All this is packed into a short, accessible rulebook.
Players (min / max): 2 / 6
Signed up: 7 people, 1 is on the wait list.

GMs: Phil Lewis
Skill Levels: All Skill Levels
Event Categories: Wargame, Board
Event Types: Organized Play