Friday 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Central | B53
Galatune is an anime battle tabletop card game set on the fantasy planet of Lyra. 2-5 players each lead a Champion warrior into battle and earn a Victory Point each time an opponent is defeated. You win the game by being the first to earn 3 Victory Points by defeating 3 opponents. The game doesn't end for you when your Champion falls in battle. Instead, you just get back up on your feet, respawn your Champion, and continue fighting! Think of it as a sort of card-based battle-royal, like a Battle Arena game, where you play for KOs. In Galatune everyone attacks simultaneously!
Players (min / max): 1 / 5
Signed up: 1 person, 0 are on the wait list.

GMs: Adam Vraspir
Skill Levels: All Skill Levels
Event Categories: Card
Event Types: Demo