Event Submission for Aftershock 2024.2

  • The Basics

    What are you planning on running? A classic RPG, board game, a panel or seminar, or maybe something home-brewed? Nuke-Con will provide a Discord server with text/voice channels for virtual/online events.

    • If your event doesn't have, or need, a special title, you can enter your game system here, too.
  • Who is the Event for?

    Are you looking for skilled players who are familiar with the game system or topic of this event? Are you running it for a charitable cause and charging a table fee? Does the event have pre-generated characters or maybe a point limit?

    • Number of players /
      Are you playing too? Subtract 1 from the max player count.
    • Examples: Pregen, 1000 points, 5th level
    • Novice
    • Benefit
      Hot Game
      Organized Play
  • Event Space and Timing Requirements

    To help schedule your event, we need to know more about your space requirements, how long it will run, and when you'd like to run your event.

    Tables and/or Rooms

    • Have a different kind of space requirement? Let us know in the memo form below.
    • When in doubt, just round up to the next hour.
    • What time would you like your event to start
      You get up to 3 preferences, but this not guarantee when your event will be scheduled. Please provide at least one time preference.
    • If yes, please only submit the event once. Please provide extra info in the Memo or contact our GM Coordinator.
      Yes No
  • Event Description

    Here's where you can tell the attendees something about your event. Space in the convention book is limited, so we do impose a maximum size of 300 characters. The online schedule has more room to spare, but we still recommend keeping the description short and sweet.

    • Characters remaining: 600
  • What else should we know?

    Do you have special requirements, such as electricity or special table, that we should know about?

    • Characters remaining: 600

By running an event at Nuke-Con, you agree to our convention rules and our GM rules. Please review them before submitting an event.