Nuke-Con 2015

The Omaha Area’s Premier Gaming Convention

What is Nuke-Con?

Nuke-Con is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the positive educational, social, and entertainment aspects in all types of gaming hobbies.

Games offer reading, listening, and kinesthetic learning opportunities featuring counting, strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Gathering together offers the opportunity to further the community of learning.

Once a year we host a family-oriented three-day convention that attracts people from all over the country. We also run several one-day game days during the year.

Read more about Nuke-Con and its activities.

How do I attend?

Nuke-Con has something for eveyone!

First off, without Game Masters, Nuke-Con doesn’t go! If you’re a GM and have a game, LARP, tournament or something else that you want to share with hundreds of gamers, we want you!

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to get your member badge and get in to one of our many games. Our programming page will keep you informed on special events we have planned for the weekend of our convention. Want to know more? Connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Are you vendor who is interested Nuke-Con? Check out our vendor info for details on booths and pricing.

We also have space for groups, artists and panels!

If you’re not sure how you fit in, contact us!

How can I help?


There are lots of ways you can help make Nuke-Con a success.

Nuke-Con is an all volunteer organization, but that doesn't mean you have to dedicate months of your life. There are lots of ways at all levels of effort that can REALLY make a difference.

If you have time to help at an event, or a spare hour once a month, we'd appreciate the help! Please contact the volunteer coordinator or check out our volunteers page.


What is Extra Life at Nuke-Con?

Posted on: Friday August 14, 2015

Extra Life is gamers doing what they do best to help sick and injured children at their chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Read about the Nuke-Con Marathon here

2015 Special Guests

Posted on: Tuesday August 11, 2015

Game makers, Game Masters, Art extraordinaire, we got it all in this year’s guests.

2015 Art Show and Auction

Posted on: Monday June 15, 2015

Today, Nuke-Con officially opens the call for Artists for Nuke-Con 2015.
Find all the details on the Art Show page.

Don’t forget that there is a auction as well. A great chance to clear out your shelves and make some $ to get new games and gear!

Spend a day with friends and games. Aftershock Yellow Cake is coming!

Posted on: Wednesday May 27, 2015

Brace yourselves... Yellow Cake is Coming!

The Yellow Cake is so close I can taste it,
and it tastes GOOOOOOOOOOD!

Do you not know what’s going at this year’s Yellow Cake? Then allow us to spill the beans…

Who: You, that’s who!

• Board games (“Last Night on Earth” and “A Touch of Evil” to start)
• Role-playing games (“Swords & Wizardry” and “Savage Worlds” are confirmed. “KAMB!” Is rumored)
• “Artemis” the space craft simulator will continue its yearly trek to the Yellow Cake Aftershock
LARP (Society in Shadow’s Omaha Realm is recruiting . . . )
• Card games (“Munchkin” and “Smash Up”, to name two of them)
• Dice games (“Bang!” Not the sound, silly. The game!)
• Hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks, drinks, and non-radioactive Yellow Cake(YUM!)

When: June 6, 2015 from 10 am to 10 pm

Where: Holy Cross Lutheran Church, located at 4117 Terrace Dr, Omaha, NE 68134 (see map below).

How: Bring $5, or $4 and a couple of non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. Better bring your dice as well!

Why: Because you want to! What better reason is there?

See you there, with lots of cake!

What's that?!? ANOTHER Aftershock? Cool!

Posted on: Wednesday February 25, 2015


    Aftershock Chain Reaction is our long-running game day at Papillion-La Vista South High School. It’s supported and organized by the Papillion-La Vista South Gaming Club. It’s a fabulous way to show young gamers that they do have a place.

      OK, you ask, so what’s in it for me? I’m so glad you asked!

    • Games you’ve never played before.

    • Games you need more players to make happen.

    • New players for you to show off your favorite games to!

    • A fun day of gaming with family and friends at minimal cost!

    • Come on out to Aftershock Critical Mass!


        WHEN: March 7, 2015

        WHERE: Papillion La Vista South High School
        10799 Nebraska 370, Papillion, NE 68046
        (map below)

        TIMES: 10AM – 10PM

        FEE: $5 at the door. Get a $1 discount by bringing two non-perishable, non-expired food items.

        Parking Note: Guests should park in the south parking lot, the corner of N. Lincoln Ave. and 16th St. You will see the lit up animated sign on the corner. Enter through the south doors.

      CALL FOR GMs
      Plenty of time still to get your game in!
      Sign-Up in the Fallout Shelter

      Questions? email

      GM Deadline- March 2, 2015

Toys for Tots Raffle Prizes

Posted on: Wednesday October 1, 2014

Toys for Tots Logo

Click here to check out the fantastic and fun Toys for Tots Raffle Prices.

Your Chance to Elect A Director to the Nuke-Con Board

Posted on: Sunday September 21, 2014

Two of the seven seats on the Nuke-Con Board of Directors are elected by you, our Nuke-Con community. Each of those two Directors serves a two-year term. Anyone with a named Nuke-Con badge can cast a vote for the new Director at the Registration desk during the convention.

This year we have one nominee: Steve Dawes. Here’s what he has to say about himself:

I’ve been involved in the local gaming community for over twenty years. I attended the first several Nuke-Con’s while attending on-and-off again since. I host several games and panel events at Nuke-Con and its Aftershock events annually (including the “in the dark” game event Saturday nights). I was a special guest writer at Nuke-Con in 2012 as a game designer and adventure writer for Palladium Books. In recent years I’ve become a Nuke-Con staff member, the panel coordinator, the media handler for the Nuke-Con Face Book page, and I help maintain and update the Nuke-Con website. I also work at “Spielbound”, the recently opened board game café in Midtown (local gaming is as much a part of my employment as it is my enjoyment). I feel that I’m a good candidate for the Nuke-Con Board of Directors; I will take my responsibilities and duties seriously and with pleasure.

Don’t forget to vote! Ballots will be available on Friday and Saturday till close. We’ll announce the 2015 Board of Directors at the open Board of Directors meeting, Sunday morning at 10:30 am.

Pre-registration closes tonight!

Posted on: Tuesday September 16, 2014

Only a few hours left to get badges at the pre-registration rate! After tonight, you’ll have to buy your badges at the door! Weekend badges are $30 through today and $39 at the door. Not sure if you are already registered? Just login and visit your profile page or contact Josh via Not sure what to do with the money saved? You could make a child’s Christmas brighter by purchasing a toy or game for our charity, Toys for Tots!

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