Nuke-Con 2016

The Omaha Area’s Premier Gaming Convention

What is Nuke-Con?

Nuke-Con is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the positive educational, social, and entertainment aspects in all types of gaming hobbies.

Games offer reading, listening, and kinesthetic learning opportunities featuring counting, strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Gathering together offers the opportunity to further the community of learning.

Once a year we host a family-oriented three-day convention that attracts people from all over the country. We also run several one-day game days during the year.

Read more about Nuke-Con and its activities.

How do I attend?

Nuke-Con has something for eveyone!

First off, without Game Masters, Nuke-Con doesn’t go! If you’re a GM and have a game, LARP, tournament or something else that you want to share with hundreds of gamers, we want you!

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to get your member badge and get in to one of our many games. Our programming page will keep you informed on special events we have planned for the weekend of our convention. Want to know more? Connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Are you vendor who is interested Nuke-Con? Check out our vendor info for details on booths and pricing.

We also have space for groups, artists and panels!

If you’re not sure how you fit in, contact us!

How can I help?


There are lots of ways you can help make Nuke-Con a success.

Nuke-Con is an all volunteer organization, but that doesn't mean you have to dedicate months of your life. There are lots of ways at all levels of effort that can REALLY make a difference.

If you have time to help at an event, or a spare hour once a month, we'd appreciate the help! Please contact the volunteer coordinator or check out our volunteers page.


Aftershock 2016.3: Yellow Cake Cancelled

Posted on: Thursday June 2, 2016

Due to circumstances we cannot control, we have decided to cancel Aftershock Yellow Cake for this year. We are disappointed to have to make the decision, and we regret causing any inconvenience to our gamers and game masters.

Norajane McIntyre
aka The GodMom

Aftershock 2016.3: YELLOW CAKE!

Posted on: Monday May 9, 2016

Join us for AFTERSHOCK YELLOW CAKE – a day of games located at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

WHEN: June 25, 2016

WHERE: Holy Cross Lutheran Church
4117 Terrace Drive
Omaha, NE 68134

TIME: 10AM – 10PM

FEE: $5 at the door OR bring 2 non-perishable food items for $1 off

GM’s – WE NEED YOU! We’re looking to promote a board game theme at this Aftershock; however, all games are welcome!

As soon as GM signups are available on the Fallout Shelter, we will post the link!

FEATURED EVENT: ARTEMIS RETURNS! The space used for Artemis works so well at Yellow cake and we look forward to see Artemis return!

Other games that are already planned to be at Yellow Cake: Red Dragon Inn (card game, “Dark Gothic” (deck building game), The Game (card game), Forbidden Island (tile game), Karuba (tile game), and more to come!

Plenty of time still to get your game in!
Sign-Up in the Fallout Shelter

Questions? email

GM Deadline- June 15th, 2016

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It’s Time Again for YELLOW CAKE!

Posted on: Thursday March 17, 2016


    Aftershock 2016.3 YELLOW CAKE is heating up again! We’ll be back at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Saturday, June 25. There will be board games, roleplaying games, card games, dice games, Artemis, snacks, good buddies, new buddies, and (if the fire team can bake) yellow cake of the edible variety!

      We know you ask every year, “what’s in it for me at an Aftershock event”? And the answer remains:

    • Games you’ve never played before.

    • Games that need several players to make happen.

    • New players to show off to and share your favorite games with!

    • A fun day of gaming with family and friends at minimal cost!

    • The mix is unpredictable, but the entertainment is undeniable at the Aftershock YELLOW CAKE event! Come along and add to the zest, why don’t cha?


        WHEN: June 26th, 2016

        WHERE: Holy Cross Lutheran Church

        4117 Terrace Dr. Omaha, Nebraska 68134
        (map below)

        TIMES: 10AM – 10PM

        FEE: $5 at the door. Get a $1 discount by bringing two non-perishable, non-expired food items.

        Parking Note: Guests should park in the south parking lot and enter through the south doors.

      CALL FOR GMs
      Plenty of time still to get your game in!
      Sign-Up in the Fallout Shelter

      Questions? email

      GM Deadline- June 15th, 2016

Chain Reaction Game Day this Saturday!

Posted on: Wednesday March 2, 2016

All sorts of games and gamer’s welcome!
(this event is open to everyone)

Papillion-La Vista South High School
10799 NE-370, Papillion, NE 68046

$5 at the door & You can get a $1 discount with two canned goods
(to benefit the local food bank)

Check out the games!

Critical Mass Game Day

Posted on: Thursday January 28, 2016

All sorts of games and gamer’s welcome!
(this event is open to everyone)

Fremont High School
1750 N Lincoln Ave, Fremont, Nebraska 68025

$5 at the door & You can get a $1 discount with two canned goods
(to benefit the local food bank)

Check out the games!

Get Your Program Here!

Posted on: Friday October 2, 2015

Want a PDF of the program? We have that.

And some updates / errata:

  • Nebraska Championships happening near the concessions in the Foyer. Stop by and check them out. If you win, you get entry to the Regional Championship at Tri-Con Spring 2016!
  • Open Gaming tables now B27-B30

Other things of interest: We are running some of our open gaming tables via PowWow – add your event and get playing with others!

Convention weekend countdown!

Posted on: Thursday October 1, 2015

With Nuke-Con being this weekend, we want to run down the list of import things to know. Our Frequently Asked Questions does cover the basics, but we wanted to flesh that out a bit.

Where is it?

Nuke-Con 2015 is being held at the Ramada Plaza Omaha Hotel and Convention Center. See the venue page to get the address and parking information.

Doors and Event Times

For those of you interested in the Pathfinder events, door open at 12:30pm and their first events kick off at 1:00pm. If you are not playing in the first Pathfinder events, please let other people get registered so they can get to their events on time.

Doors will re-open at 2:00pm to handle registrations and event signups. General events start at 3:00pm.


First things first, you need a badge to play. Please make sure to stop at the registration desk and pick up, or purchase, your badge.

GMs, you need a badge too! Please stop up at the registration desk and get a badge from the pre-registration line.

Have Fun!

This is the weekend of games! Play with old friends! Make new ones! We have all varieties of gaming going on, including several tournaments! Check out the schedule for the full line up.

Extra Life Marathon Schedule

Posted on: Saturday September 12, 2015

With the convention F-A-S-T-! approaching, here’s the marathon schedule as it stands so far. There’s a little something for about every type of gamer. Game reservations are live; just bring your donation to the table and feel good about helping the kids while you enjoy your game!

  • Friday 3pm, Epic! With Kenneth Turner
  • Friday 6 pm, Masque of the Red Death with Norajane McIntyre
  • Friday 9 pm , Call of the Wild Hunt Ch 1 with Steve Dawes
  • Saturday 9 am, Star Trek Catan with Sarah Young
  • Saturday 10:30 am, Kobolds Ate My Baby! With Jarror Olson
  • Saturday 3 pm, Exploding Kittens! With Ann Myers
  • Saturday 7.30 pm, Call of the Wild Hunt Ch 2 with Steve Dawes
  • Saturday 7:30 pm, Arkham Horror with Mike Guldemond
  • Sunday 10:30 am, Clay-o-Rama! With Norajane McIntyre
  • Sunday 1:30 pm, Call of the Wild Hunt Ch 3 with Steve Dawes

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