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May 2023 Aftershock – Volunteers

Greetings! Are you planning on attending the May Aftershock? Think you might have some free time between games? Maybe you aren’t sure, but maybe you’d like to help out? Step on up – we’re taking names (no rear kicking involved) of folks who are interested in helping out at the front desk. If you have …


News Roundup: BoD Nominations, Early Bird Registrations

Tonight, at 11:59pm central time, is the deadline for nominations for our Board of Directors. The board has the following timeline of events upon the close of nominations: 2022-12-29 The board confirms eligibility of nominees. 2022-01-16 Campaign period starts for nominees. 2022-01-29 Election begins. 2022-02-03 Election / voting ends at end of day. 2022-02-06 Announce …


Convention Book Available

Happy Nuke-Con Eve! In addition to viewing the Schedule online and being able to reserve your spot at games, you can now download the PDF of the 2022 Nuke-Con Convention Book! Inside you will find information about the events, when they happen, a map of the space, our Special Guests, Sponsors, and more! Huge thanks …