Announcing Nuke-Con 2018!

Friday, October 5 through Sunday, October 7!

Hotel RL
3321 S. 72nd St.
Omaha, NE 68124
(You used to know this as the Ramada Plaza)

Pre-registration is now open. Get details at the Registration menu at the top of the page.

We’re planning for more people, more games, more tournaments, more fun!

First Aftershock for 2017 – Chain Reaction

Aftershock 2017.1 CHAIN REACTION is back at Papillion-La Vista South High School on Saturday, March 4th, 2017. There will be board games, role-playing games, card games, dice games, snacks, good buddies, new buddies and a raffle with proceeds going to the Tri-City Food Pantry.

We know you ask every year, “what’s in it for me at an Aftershock event”? And the answer remains:

  • Games you’ve never played before.
  • Games that need several players to make happen.
  • New players to show off to and share your favorite games with!
  • A fun day of gaming with family and friends at minimal cost!

The mix is unpredictable, but the entertainment is undeniable at the Aftershock CHAIN REACTION event! Come along and add to the zest, why don’t cha?

WHEN: March 4th, 2017

WHERE: Upstairs Library
Papillion-La Vista South High School
10799 NE-370, Papillion, NE 68046
(map below)

TIMES: 10AM – 10PM

FEE: $5 at the door. Get a $1 discount by bringing two non-perishable, non-expired food items.

Plenty of time still to get your game in!
Sign-Up in the Fallout Shelter

Questions? email
GM Deadline – February 28th, 2017

2016 Nuke-Con: Thank You All!

2016 Event Report

  • Meteorological conditions (weather) wonderful: Check
  • Visiting dignitaries (outstanding and entertaining Guests of Honor): Check
  • Environment secured (new convention space configuration): Check
  • Suppliers (dealers and artists): Check
  • Instruction manual (program books) printed: Check
  • Fuel and lubrication (snacks and pop!): Check
  • Incentive program (Prize Vault) stocked: Check

We opened the gates and magically there was a Nuke-Con, and the outcome was fantastic!

Record high attendance. Jumped right over the 1000 Likes mark on Facebook. More tournaments than ever. And (my personal favorite) the Snack Bar ran dry just about as the convention doors closed!

You know we do this for our gamer community, and the entire gamer community has supported Nuke-Con most enthusiastically. From the spent fuel bottoms of our hearts, Thank you! Thank you again!


Welcome to the Updated Nuke-Con Website

We are excited to be taking the wraps off our new site.  As we mentioned recently, this year we’re going to try something new for game sign-ups.  One of the requirements, related to that change, was an easier to use site for people on their mobile devices.  This becomes important when trying to manage your schedule at the convention.

Most of the content should still be in a familiar place.  Have questions about the Convention?  Look under the Convention menu item.  Need to contact one of the staff?  Check out Contact Us.

A larger change has been made with the Fallout Shelter.  While it is still available as a separate site, we have included its functionality in our new main site.  This includes your member sign in, now found at the top right of every page, the schedule, and when the time comes, the forms to submit events and buy registrations.

Again, with this change will come a chance for issues. If you do experience a problem with the new site, please contact us via email or Facebook.

Event Sign-Ups for Nuke-Con 2016

As Nuke-Con grows we do our best to keep up with changes in the convention landscape, This year we’re going to try something new for game sign-ups. We’re going electronic.

You can still visit the Game Registration desk to sign up for your events, but you will also be able to sign up right from your smart phone, iPad, etc. There’s no app to download; if you want to use your own device, you will just need to sign in to your account on the Fallout Shelter.

Fifteen minutes before the event, we will shut down the online sign-ups and print the event roster. If there are available seats at the table, you can still get into the event by visiting Game Reg. As always, you can check at the table itself as the event gets started to see whether there is any room left.

With change comes chance for issues. Tell us about your experience so if the process needs improvement, we’ll know.

See you at the con!

Today is the Last Day to Pre-Register for Nuke-Con 2016

After today you’ll have to pay at the door. Pre-registering saves you time and money, and you can sign up for events online right now! Register now!

Not sure if you have already registered? Log in to your account on our member site and look at the bottom of your profile page. You will see “You’re registered for Nuke-Con 2016!” If you have questions on registration, please contact Josh Stortz, our registration coordinator.

A Wide Selection of Events

With over 210 events scheduled, the weekend is packed full of fun for the whole family. Some highlights from the schedule:

  • Hackmaster, Great Space Race, and KOTD readings by Jolly Blackburn
  • Shadowrun Missions run by Ray Rigel
  • Kids Track all weekend long
  • Magic: the Gathering Sanctioned Modern $1k Tournament
  • Malifaux Tournaments
  • Pathfinder Society
  • D&D Adventurers League
  • Game Library with Play to Win games + Open Gaming tables

Thanks to the GMs who volunteered to run these awesome events!

Hotel Rooms

Want to stay close to the fun all weekend? The Ramada Plaza Omaha can be reached at 402-393-3950. Make sure to select 0 for the local reservation desk.

We Want You!

We’re still looking for volunteers to help out during the weekend. It’s an easy way to earn back some (or all!) of your badge cost! If you think you have some time to spare and would like to help out, contact us via

Lots of activities to be had at Nuke-Con this year!

As of today there are over 143 events scheduled the the Fallout Shelter!

There are plenty of goodies to choose from and include the following:
-Kid’s Track
-Society in Shadow
-Giant Tsuro
-Magic the Gathering Tournament
-Art Show and used game Auction/Math Swap
-The Pathfinder Society
-D&D Adventurer’s League
-Bolt Action Minis
-Board Game Library
-Artemis Bridge Simulator
-Pandemic Survival
-X-Wing Tournament

Lots more can be found in the Fallout Shelter Schedule, so give it a look-see why don’t cha?

Welcome to the Inaugural Nuke-Con 2016 No-Ship Math Trade!

What is a Math Trade you ask?

A Math Trade is a trade between a whole bunch of people at once. BoardgameGeek has developed an algorithm that matches the likes and dislikes of a lot of people at the same time. This make many more trades become possible.

Say person A wants the game Queen’s Necklace, and person B has a copy of it for trade, but person B doesn’t want any of A’s games and would instead like a copy of Jambo. Person C has Jambo for trade, but doesn’t want any of B’s games. But C would like Razzia, which person A is interested in trading. Although there’s no good trade between two of A, B, and C, the three together can each trade a game away to get a game they really want. The math trade algorithm figures out these fortunate coincidences, and assigns trades so that everyone gets games they want in return for trading away games they don’t. In the above example you would have these trades:
A sends Razzia to C, and gets Queen’s Necklace from B
B sends Queen’s Necklace to A, and gets Jambo from C
C sends Jambo to B, and gets Razzia from A

A circle of trades takes place among the participants and everyone gets a favorable trade.

Like any kind of game trade, this depends mostly on differing tastes. As shown by the many debates here about the “best” games, each person has different preferences and it’s quite possible for everyone in a trade to be very happy with the outcome. Because of this, math trades are often a great way to get a hard-to-find game, since one person’s old, forgotten game could be your personal treasure.

If you like learning about games, math trades also give you a good reason to find out about a lot of games you might not otherwise have seen. If you just want to trade for games you already know about, though, you can still participate in a math trade without any difficulty — just ignore the games you’ve never heard of.

Because of the algorithm used, you can only get a game you prefer over what you started with. (Or at worst, you may just keep your original game; i.e. it doesn’t trade.)
This kind of trade was originally called a “mathematical no-risk trade list.” Today, it’s simply known as a math trade.

This is a no-ship math trade of physical games and game-related items. It is primarily intended for patrons of the Nuke-Con 2016 convention in Omaha, NE. Plan to hand your trade to the recipient in person at or before the convention.
Check out Board Game Geek’s Math Trades page for detailed information.

Key Dates and Times:
Game Submissions Open: Thursday, September 1st, 2016 at 5:00 pm CDT.
Game Submissions Deadline: Saturday, September 10th, 2016 at 5:00 pm CDT.
Online Want List Submissions Open: Saturday, September 10th, 2016 at 8:00 pm CDT.
Online Want List Submissions Deadline: Sunday, September 11th, 2016 at 8:00 pm CDT.
Scrum to Exchange Games: Saturday, October 1st in the [room name] room at Nuke-Con at 9:00 am.

Submission Geeklist:
Request Geeklist:
Discussion Geeklist:

Register now with Board Game Geek and subscribe to the Math Trades Forum if you’d like regular Trade updates.

Magic the Gathering: Sanctioned Modern Tournament!

Magic players! Like the Modern format? Legend Comics & Coffee is hosting a $1K Modern Tournament on Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at Nuke-Con!

$10 to play in the tournament once you have your convention badge.
There is still time to purchase a convention badge at pre-registration price over at the Fallout Shelter.

With $1,000 to divvy out, don’t miss out!mtg-tournament-2016

Nuke-Con’s Weekend of Games is happening Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2016.
Watch the schedule develop at our Fallout Shelter