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Meet our Special Guests for Nuke-Con 2014!

9th Level Games

(Publisher and Game Designer)

9th Level Games (9LG) began as a small-press publisher and designer of humorous role-playing games (RPGs). The company was founded by Dan Landis and Chris O’Neill while in high school together in Philadelphia. Even now, we’re just these two guys from the suburbs of Philadelphia making games in the basement (often literally in the basement).

9th Level Games is known for Kobolds Ate My Baby!(KAMB!), the BEER Engine game system, and the first edition of the Ninja Burger RPG. We have developed both the Warhamster and Cthulhu for President role-playing games and numerous supplements for other systems.

9th Level Games

Photo Credit: 9th Level Games

Arden Ellen Nixon


Arden Ellen Nixon’s art reflects her love of literature, history, and
mythology, to say nothing of her sense of humor and ongoing obsession with
Alice in Wonderland. Be the subject sacred animals or Isis, Cheshire cats or
winged watchers of our world: if she hasn’t painted it yet, it’s only for
lack of time. Her current projects include calendars, illustrations for her
own short stories and novels, a series of historical portraits, and her
signature “Make-Shift Angel” series.

Arden resides with her husband and their pride of felines, all of them
surrounded by books, paintings, and non-existent wall space.

Arden Ellen Nixon

Photo Credit:

Fredd Gorham

(Artist Guest Emeritus)
Fredd Gorham is our Artist Guest Emeritus and longtime friend and supporter of Nuke-Con. Fredd’s art can be found in comics, games, websites, corporate stuffs, personal collections and so much more! He is kept in check by his wife, cats, and herding dog.

Fredd Gorham

Photo Credit: Fredd’s Facebook Profile

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