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We welcome back Peter Schweighofer, freelance game designer, writer, and editor.

Peter Schweighofer

Photo courtesy of the subject

Schweig’s writings include Star Wars credits galore (games, adventures, and stories), along with at least four other roleplaying games and other short story anthologies, all while working at West End Games in the 1990s. With his freelance work, Schweig has written for Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, and Decipher. His short fiction pieces include “Forgotten” in Far Frontiers (DAW Books, September 2000) and “Hatshepsut’s Revenge” in Historical Hauntings (DAW Books, March 2001). You can see a complete listing of his published work in his bibliography.

Schweig’s own imprint is called Griffon Publishing, which he launched with the 2006 release of Pulp Egypt. When he finds precious free time, Schweig reads mysteries, researches interesting historical periods (particularly ancient and Victorian Egypt, the Middle Ages, and World War II), dabbles with miniatures and dioramas for his games, and enjoys extra cheese pizza.

Board Game Enthusiast Kaleb Michaud

Kaleb Michaud, Spielbound CEO

Photo credit: Spielbound

Kaleb is passionate about his board game hobby. With a collection of over 2,200 games, he has always wanted to share his hobby with others and hence came Spielbound. Kaleb wanted to have a convenient location where people could find and play these hard-to-find games (like a public library), and similar to a library, it would be a new type of community center, bringing all peoples together for the enjoyment of play.

By day, Kaleb is an assistant professor of medicine, epidemiologist of rheumatology, leads a non-profit arthritis research company, and holds degrees in physics and astronomy.

Favorite games: Agricola, Race for the Galaxy, Eclipse, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Catan: Cities & Knights

Our Own Steve Dawes

Steve Dawes

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“In the beginning was Steven, and Steven was with the Dawes, and Steven was a Dawes. The first word he ever spoke was “Quote,” and he expects the last word he’ll speak before he dies will be “Unquote.”

Like a lot of gamers, Steve cut his teeth on the Dungeons and Dragons RPG. As a fan of illustrations and comic books, he discovered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® RPG by Palladium Books, and fell for it right away. After playing a few sessions, he decided to purchase his own copy, making it the first role-playing game he owned. While at the hobby store he spotted a copy of the Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 1st Edition. The idea of a “Supernatural Horror” themed RPG sparked a wildfire in his imagination.

Steve has played and gamemastered many other Palladium role-playing games, but regardless of setting all of his games have at least a hint of supernatural horror in them. Since its release in 2005, he has run only Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Edition.

Steve’s freelance work includes blogging and writing reviews for various newsletters and websites as well as several Rifter® articles (one of which was canonized in a Dead Reign™ sourcebook). His future projects for Palladium include both a “victims” and “ghost hunting/ghost story” sourcebook and others for Beyond the Supernatural™, as well as material for Dead Reign™ and Nightbane®.

When not writing, Steve can be found in school earning a degree in web design or at home taking care of his wife, his daughter and two zany beagles. Hobbies include reading, board games, video games, soundtrack collecting, karaoke, writing reviews, blogging, ghost hunting and being a horror and paranormal enthusiast. Steven is also a member of the Nuke-Con Board of Directors and is employed at Spielbound as the Librarian/Game Manager.

Let Us Not Forget Fredd Gorham

Fredd Gorham

Photo Credit: Fredd’s Facebook Profile

Those of you who have been to Nuke-Con before probably need no introduction to Fredd. He is a long-time booster of this convention; it is his genius behind the Nuke-Con cover and tshirt art, and he always has a kind word to say about us.

When he was 8 years old, Fredd sold his first commission to a classmate for a buck. That first commission was of Snoopy from “Peanuts” kicking a Klingon in the leg. The rest, as they say, was history. His adult work has appeared in publications including Marvel, DC Comics, Steve Jackson Games, Caliber Press, White Wolf, Hero Games, Silver Gryphon, Viceroy Cards, Breygent and Albino Dragon Games, among others. He has recently launched his own business, Steel Angel Studios, through which he prints and sells his work.

Fredd also is a web developer, programmer, and graphic designer. He lives with his wife Linda, 4 cats and 2 corgis. When he’s not drawing, he’s obsessively playing Minecraft.

Fredd’s Deviant Account
Fredd Gorham’s Studio

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