Nuke-Con 2016

The Omaha Area’s Premier Gaming Convention

Attendee Registration for 2016

Early Bird – Deadline December 31, 2015

Whole Convention $25
(12 years of age or young, with paid adult)

Pre-Registration – Deadline September 14, 2016

Whole Convention $30
Friday Only $14
Saturday Only $17
Sunday Only $14
(12 years of age or young, with paid adult)

What you get for being a registered member:

  • Access to over 100 Games and Events
  • Premier Games
  • Special Guest events
  • Art Show
  • Auction (sell your stuff, make $$)
  • Swag Bag
  • …and more!

How to Register

Online via the Fallout Shelter.
Or by mail by filling out our printable Word document or PDF document form. Mailing and payment instructions are included on the form.


Whether you are purchasing your badges online or mailing in a form, you have the option of using PayPal or mailing a in your payment. If you are mailing in a form and choose to use PayPal, please include a note indicating that you are mailing in your form.

Policies regarding badges

  • Registrations are non-refundable
  • Registration paperwork AND payment must be received by the deadline to qualify for Early Bird or Pre-Registration prices.

Game Master Registration for 2016

To have a gaming convention… games are essential. To have games we need Game Masters to run the games and events.

As Nuke-Con’s way of saying thank you, you get Con-Cash for every event you run. You will earn 1 Con Buck for every hour of an event you run. Con Bucks can be used with vendors, at concessions, for registration and more!!

Important Dates

09-05-2016 – GM Game Registration submissions must be received to be included in the ON-SITE Convention Booklet

Tables Provided

There have been some questions on table sizes. Here’s what we provide to put your games on:

  • Miniatures Tables: each table is 8’x4’

  • RPG Tables: each RPG will be on a 6’ round table

  • Card and Board Games: can either be on a 6’x3’ rectangular table or a 6’ round table

If you have special table needs, please include them when you submit your event.

How to Register

Online via the Fallout Shelter.

Or by mail by filling out our printable Word document or PDF document form. Mailing instructions are included on the form.

Vendors and Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in helping to support the gaming hobby in general and, more specifically, what we consider to be one of the finest gaming conventions in metro Omaha — and in the Midwest!

Important Information for Vendors

  • Vendors may not sell food or beverages.
  • Please note that Nuke-Con does NOT allow weapons or alcohol in the Convention space.
  • Vendors may schedule and run events or demos at the convention. Schedule your event at
  • If Vendors wish to participate in events beyond what they are running, they must obtain a Membership. Memberships can be obtained by Vendors at a discounted rate before the convention. Find the form in the Information Packet below.

Nuke-Con Vendor Information Packet (PDF)

For more information on the convention please contact the Vendor Coordinator.

Refer a Friend! Earn Con Bucks!

When you and your friend (new to Nuke-Con, or hasn’t been for a while) have both paid for your registrations, you’ll get 10 Con Bucks as our thank-you.

Refer A Friend Logo

Here are the rules:

  1. Anyone with a current paid full weekend registration to Nuke-Con 2016 can refer a non-member(s) (anybody who did NOT attend in 2015) and receive 10 Con Bucks with the new adult member’s paid registration.
    You can earn 10 Con Bucks for every person you refer that pays for an adult registration.

  2. The new member will need to complete the field on the registration form naming the referring person. (If more than one name is entered, the first person listed will receive the Con Bucks.)
    Remind them to type in your name!

  3. People referring new members can pick up their reward at the Registration Desk. Both referring member and referred adult member registrations must be paid in full before the reward can be given.
    After your buddy pays, you can pick up your Con Bucks at the Registration Desk, on site at Nuke-Con 2016!

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