Food Trucks

You had us at ‘Food Truck’! Grab your grub and keep gaming, but try not to get sauce on your meeple. The Churro Truck Omaha– Fri: 5p-9pLa Cabañita Taco Truck- Sat:11a-10p, Sun:11a-4p402 BBQ- Sat:11a-4p, Sun:11a-4pEl Arepon Venezuela Food- Sat:4p-10p

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Play-It-Forward Expo

Play-It-Forward Expo is a game day sponsored by People Aspiring to Cycle in support of PACE’s Pedestrian Safety Campaign for Papillion. It will be held on August 11, 2018 from 9 am till midnight. Come out to play board games, participate in tournaments, and check out their booths and vendors. Nuke-Con staff will also be …

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Nuke-Con Magic League

Do you enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering? Did you have a blast at the last Nuke-Con but couldn’t bear the downtime between games? Do you want to play Magic for prizes but hate tournament rules and restrictions? Enter the Nuke-Con Magic League.

The Nuke-Con Magic League allows Nuke-Con attendees to enjoy Magic. Players will earn points for awesome prizes by participating in Magic games throughout the convention weekend.


Players will not only earn prizes just for participating, but also for being the player who won the most games, played the most games, taught the most players how to play Magic, destroyed the least land, countered the fewest spells… the list goes on!

You’re welcome to bring any deck(s) you’d like, casual or competitive, and engage other players in friendly games of Magic to rack up as many points as possible. Any and all formats welcome! In addition to pick-up games, there will also be scheduled Magic events such as drafts and group games.

There will be a dedicated area set aside for players, but you’re free to play anywhere within the convention space. Grab a result slip from the Magic League Station, fill it out once the game ends, and then turn it back in to receive points. On the last day of the convention, an hour before the convention closes, players will be awarded their prizes.

Interested? Create a deck and make sure to check in with the Magic League Station at the start of the convention. See you all at Nuke-Con 2018!

A huge shoutout to HobbyTown USA Lincoln, Krypton Comics, and Ground Zero for their support in this event. Make sure to give them a visit!