Art Show Information

The Silent Auction

The Silent Auction begins on Friday at 5:00 pm and will end promptly at midnight Saturday.

For Bidders

As a bidder, you may place bids on lots at your own convenience during the allotted time. To place a bid, simply write down your badge number, name, and bid amount in the first available spot.

Please keep the following in mind if you are interested in bidding:

    • All auction lots will have a starting bid which is set by the seller.
    • Bids can only be increased by even dollar amounts.
    • Bids cannot be retracted. You are responsible for your own bids. Make sure to check out all the other lots and ask questions before you bid!
    • Some auction lots may have a “purchase now” price. Simply take the lot to the Auction Table and immediately pay the “purchase now” price.
  • Any lots with three or more bids will proceed to the Live Auction.

For Sellers

    • All items submitted for personal sale are assessed a $1 charge per lot. No full tables will be sold.
  • A 10% charge will be assessed on all items sold. This amount will be deducted from the sales proceeds.
  • All lots must be registered. Click on the link below, or contact the Art Show Coordinator.

Click Here To Register Lots

What’s Allowed in the Auction?

    • Art, of course (Panel, canvas, others by special arrangement).
    • Games! (Board, Card, RPG, Miniature, etc)
  • Miniatures, landscape.

Donating Items

Nuke-Con accepts donations to be auctioned for the convention. Bring your item to the Auction Desk and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no entry fee for lots donated to Nuke-Con.

The Live Auction

The Live Auction begins on Sunday at 12:00 pm and will end at 3:00 pm. 

The location of the Live Auction will be announced during the convention and will be posted at the

After the Auction

Picking Up Won Lots

Items you have purchased or won can be picked up at the Auction Desk directly following the conclusion of the Live Auction.

You will need to provide the staff at the Auction Desk with your name and badge number. Please be sure to have payment ready! Options for paying include cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

Picking Up Unsold Lots

Check to see if your lot is still at the auction site. If it is, unfortunately, it did not sell.

To pick up your item, go to the Auction Desk and provide them with your name and badge number, then you may retrieve your lot and pack it away for next year!

Auction Fees & Receiving Payment

A 10% sales charge will be applied to all sold lots, which will be deducted from the final selling price. Any items listed for personal sale will have a $1 charge. No full tables will be sold.

All checks will be mailed out on the Monday or Tuesday following the convention week.

Please contact for further assistance with receiving payment.