Would you like to clean out your game room?

Bring your gear to the gamer garage sale.

The gamer garage sale is in the main game hall. Fill out a form for each lot and bring it to the convention. (You can register lots on site Friday and Saturday)

  • Anything to be sold must be registered as a lot.
  • Sellers pays $1.00 to register each lot.
  • A 10% charge will be assessed on all lots sold. This amount will be deducted from the sales proceeds.

What to sell at Gamer Garage Sale?

  • Games! (Board, Card, RPG, etc.)
  • Miniatures, landscape items.
  • Books
  • Geekdom tchotchkes
  • Comics
  • Dice
  • you get the idea

During the Convention

The gamer garage sale runs Friday and Saturday.

  • Lots can be entered starting Friday at 6pm
  • Auction runs
    • Friday 6pm-2am(Sat)
    • Saturday 9am-6pm
    • Bids close at Saturday 6pm
  • Bidders may pick up and pay for lots starting at 7pm Saturday through 1pm on Sunday
  • Sellers may pick up their proceeds starting 2pm Sunday (or they can be mailed)

After the Garage Sale

Check to see if your lot is still at the auction. If it is, unfortunately, it did not sell.

To pick up your item, go to the Auction Area and provide them with your name and badge number, then retrieve your lot and pack it away for next year!

Please contact garage@nuke-con.com if you have any questions.