Would you like to clean out your game room?

Bring your gear to the gamer garage sale to be held in the area, just outside the Main Gaming Hall! Make some cash and make some room for new gear! You might even find what you have been seeking in the sale!

What is the Gamer Garage Sale?

The Gamer Garage Sale is a chance for convention participants to sell items to other con goers. This year we are moving to a Gamer 2 Gamer model! Sellers will have half of a table to hawk their wares.

What to sell at Gamer Garage Sale?

  • Games! (Board, Card, RPG, etc.)
  • Miniatures, landscape items
  • Books
  • Geekdom tchotchkes
  • Comics
  • Dice
  • you get the idea


  • Date: Saturday October 5th, 2024
  • Time: 12pm – 2pm (Setup 11:30am, Tear Down 3pm)
  • Location: Outside the Main Gaming Hall
  • Cost: $10 per Slot (Half an 8′ Table, approx. 4’x30”)
    • Limit: 1 Slot per Person
  • Sell: Whatever fits on your table half!
  • You Got This: Gamers sell directly to gamers, so you’ll need to be at your table from 12-2pm to collect payment

Let’s turn your gaming loot into gold!

Reservations will open up soon!!


What can I sell?
Use your best judgement of what can be sold at a family event. No real weapons.

How do I take payment?
This is gamer to gamer event, so you can offer whatever type of payment options you wish?

Do I have to sit at the table?
You or another representative will need to be at the table. A volunteer will be available if you need to do a quick run to the restroom, grab a drink, or other short activity.

Do I have to be attending the convention to sell?
Yes, you must be a badged attendee to sell in the Gamer Garage Sale.

Didn’t this use to be a silent auction?
It did! We are giving this format a go this year. No waiting for the auction to end and for the paperwork to be done. G2G!

My question isn’t here! Please contact garage@nuke-con.com if you have any questions.