Would you like to clean out your game room?

Bring your gear to the gamer garage sale in the main gaming hall! Make some cash and make some room for new gear! You might even find what you have been seeking in the sale!

What is the Gamer Garage Sale?

It is a silent auction style sale, where people bid until close of the event.

What to sell at Gamer Garage Sale?

  • Games! (Board, Card, RPG, etc.)
  • Miniatures, landscape items
  • Books
  • Geekdom tchotchkes
  • Comics
  • Dice
  • you get the idea

How to Get Started

Fill out the fields with arrows –> on this form for each lot and bring it to the convention with your gear.

  • Anything to be sold must be registered as a lot.
  • Lots can contain one or more items

How to Check In your Lots

  • Visit the Gamer Garage Sale in the Main Gaming Hall near the Special Guests and the Prize VaultYou can register lots on site Friday and Saturday, see schedule below
  • Show them your Badge (Only registered attendees can participate in the Gamer Garage Sale)
  • Hand them your completed form OR ask for a form to fill out
  • Pay $1.00 to register each lot. (If the Charity or Nuke-Con is the beneficiary, there will be no fee)
  • Lots are placed in the Garage Sale area for Buyers to bid on
  • A 10% charge will be assessed on all lots sold.This amount will be deducted from the sales proceeds.

Gamer Garage Sale Schedule

For Sellers

  • Check In your Lots- (bring your completed form for the fastest check in)
    • Friday 6pm-8pm
    • Saturday 10am-12pm
  • Check Out – (pick up proceeds and unsold items)
    • Sunday 2pm-4pm

For Buyers

  • Bidding on lots –
    • Friday 6pm-2am
    • Saturday 9am-6pm
    • Bids close at Saturday 6pm
  • Pick up and pay for lots-
    • Saturday 7pm-8pm
    • Sunday 10am-1pm
      • Payments accepted- Cash, Credit Card, and PayPal

Sellers, After the Garage Sale

Check to see if your lot is still at the auction. If it is, unfortunately, it did not sell.

To pick up your item, go to the Auction Area and provide them with your name and show your badge, then retrieve your lot and pack it away for next year!

Please contact garage@nuke-con.com if you have any questions.


What Types of Payments are accepted? Cash, Credit Card, PayPal

Why are there fees? Fees help defer the expenses of running the convention, like space rental

How many items can be in a single lot? There is no limit. Our only limit is table space

When can I drop off items? See schedule above

When can I pick up my money? See schedule above

Why do I need a badge? This event is only for convention attendees

Why is the “Buy it Now” scratched off? Once a bid is placed, the buy it now option is no longer available. So, if you want it, snap it up.

My question isn’t here! Please contact garage@nuke-con.com if you have any questions.