There are lots of ways you can help make Nuke-Con a success.

Nuke-Con is an all-volunteer organization, which means we are always looking for people. That doesn’t mean you have to dedicate months of your life. There are many ways, at all levels of effort, that can REALLY make a difference.

Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the convention. Any amount of time is helpful and we are so very grateful for any time and effort you can give. At the convention, you can volunteer for as little as an hour or as much as the entire weekend and maybe even work off the entire cost of your membership badge!

While we’re in the planning stage we need people to:

  • Update social media
  • Recruit games for the schedule
  • Recruit artists for the art show
  • Recruit and guide guests of honor
  • Design flyers, business cards, tshirts, FB announcements
  • Plan and shop for the snack bar
  • Help with accounting
  • Distribute flyers
  • Represent Nuke-Con at other conventions
  • Plan and manage Aftershocks

While we’re setting up for the convention on opening day, we can use help with:

  • Unloading supplies and stocking the concession stand
  • Carrying equipment to the registration desk
  • Helping the dealers/vendors/exhibitors and artists carry in and set up their displays
  • Hanging signs and banners

During the convention some of the jobs are:

  • Acting as runners between Registration/Game Registration and the rest of the convention space
  • Escorting guests of honor
  • Staffing the snack bar, Game Registration and Registration itself
  • Taking photographs
  • Helping tear down the convention space.

With every task you’ll be partnered with experienced staffers so you won’t feel lost.

If you have time to help at an event, or a spare hour once a month, we’d appreciate the help!  Please contact the volunteer coordinator with your interests and availability.

And carry away our thanks!