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Convention Rules and Code of Conduct

Convention Rules and Code of Conduct

Nuke-Con attendees are overwhelmingly well-mannered people bent only on enjoying the weekend. Over the years, however, we have learned that clear expectations create better events. With that in mind, anyone who attends, volunteers, or exhibits agrees to the following policies and rules. Nuke-Con attendees must wear their convention badges in a visible place to participate …


Spotlight – Tabletop Adventures

Help for the Harried Gamemaster! We are pleased to welcome back Tabletop Adventures for their 14th year (at least) at the Weekend of Games. This year they join us as both vendor and sponsor! Tabletop’s staff are all long-time gamers, and they make products they’ve always wished for – especially aids and resources for the …


Events Update

The GodMom here. We just got through the initial proofreading of events, and there are some wonderful games! I saw D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder, Starfinder, ShadowRun, lots of other RPG one-shots, and board games I had never heard of — along with Battletech and other wargames. Something for just about everybody!


Nuke-Con Covid-19 Update

Dateline: August 30, 2021 The Delta variant of Covid-19 is still pushing infections. Nuke-Con has decided that for the health and safety of gamers, merchants, and staff, we will require all participants to wear an appropriate mask at the convention regardless of vaccination status. You can see Nuke-Con’s full rules here. We also remind you …

Covid-19 Rules for Nuke-Con 2021

The presence of the covid-19 virus in our community makes conducting a public event especially difficult. Nuke-Con recognizes the need to gather in person and enjoy our convention. We also recognize the need to keep all our people safe. In order to balance those needs, we have decided to follow the recommendations of national, state, …

NewsVolunteer Call Out Continued from Facebook

Volunteer Call Out Continued from Facebook

First: the skills you learn while volunteering can translate directly into your resume.               Item: I negotiated pricing and terms with a national corporation. (You worked on the contract with our venue and hotel partners.)               Item: I led a team of 4 people on a marketing blitz that provided 10% of our operating budget. …


Nuke-Con Masks

Nuke-Con Custom Masks! To celebrate our reunion after more than a year of social isolation, Nuke-Con has decided to offer custom masks to expand your face covering options.  Take a look! They’re two-ply cotton, reusable, and washable, and they have an interior pocket for an additional filter. Available in two sizes (S and L) NOW …