Are you looking for a way to ease yourself back into society?

Do you need to ease the cost of convention weekend?

Would you like to be a part of the ongoing story of the Weekend of Games?

Every convention needs folks to help with convention planning and with staffing during the weekend. Nuke-Con is looking for people with graphic arts skills, social media savvy, negotiation expertise, strong arms and backs, a few spare hours during Convention Weekend . . . these and a willingness to help people have a good time.

What’s in it for you, you may ask.

First: the skills you learn while volunteering can translate directly into your resume.

              Item: I negotiated pricing and terms with a national corporation. (You worked on the contract with our venue and hotel partners.)

              Item: I led a team of 4 people on a marketing blitz that provided 10% of our operating budget. (You planned the schedule and led the folks who met with our dealers several times a month leading up to the convention. Bonus points if the dealers agreed to come to Nuke-Con again the next year.)

              Item: I was responsible for the acquisition, inventory, and distribution of achievement awards for more than 100 people. (You were in charge of Nuke-Con’s Prize Vault).

              Item: I planned and executed a social media marketing campaign that increased attendance by 25% in the first year. (You wrote and posted Nuke-Con items in various social media outlets.)

Second: the cost of your badge may be fully reimbursed to you, depending on how much time you spend on convention activities.

Third: the convention cannot run without its volunteers. You can be part of the team that carries Nuke-Con into the next 10 years.

If you’re interested in joining the staff, contact

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