General Policies

Nuke-Con attendees are overwhelmingly well-mannered people bent only on enjoying the weekend. Over the years, however, we have learned that clear expectations create better events. With that in mind we have developed the following rules:

  • Nuke-Con players must wear their convention badges in a visible place to participate in any convention gaming activities. A damaged badge may be exchanged for a new one for a $1 fee. Lost badges cannot be replaced; the participant must re-register at the on-site price.
  • Because we are in a public place, convention participants are asked to be considerate of those around them and refrain from using inappropriate language.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated and is grounds for ejection from the convention without refund. Please report incidents to any Nuke-Con staff members (identified by pink vests).
  • Open Gaming tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis, but if you don’t have a game in progress, please consider giving up the table to people wanting to start one.
  • Costumes are most welcome, but please show good taste. Costume props may be allowed at the discretion of the convention staff. Props must be made in such a way that they cannot be mistaken for genuine weapons.
  • Neither the Nuke-Con staff nor the Ramada Plaza assumes responsibility or liability for the supervising of the participants. If the participant is a minor, supervision is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Alcohol and weapons will not be permitted in the convention areas.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any convention area. Violators will be asked to leave.
  • Nuke-Con prohibits discrimination in all convention programs and activities, excepting that events may be designated For Adults Only.
  • Nuke-Con reserves the right to refuse service or revoke membership at its discretion, or to eject disruptive individuals from the convention without refund.

Information for Game Masters

  • Game Masters must check in at GM Registration 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, and must conclude the event by the scheduled end time or make arrangements with Game Registration to move to a floater table.
  • Electricity for GMs or players is available, but if you need to use electricity (including a computer) for your game, you will need to contact the GM Coordinator and plan to bring your own extension cord.
  • Game Masters are asked to be mindful of the volume level of their games and to be courteous of those around you.
  • Game Masters and players will be responsible for cleaning up their gaming area before they leave it.
  • Game Masters are providing their games to Nuke-Con as a service; GMs have final say as to who may participate in their events. GMs have the option to eject players from their games.
  • Game Masters must notify the convention if they will be unable to run an event. Please email the GM Coordinator with as much advance notice as possible to cancel.
  • Any Game Master who has a listed event in the program book may receive reimbursement for the cost of his/her badge. Contact the GM Coordinator for more information.
  • GMs that are repeated violators of these rules will be barred from running events.

Insufficient Funds Policy

Those of us who volunteer for Nuke-Con understand that mistakes happen, but we also understand that Nuke-Con is a business. Due to repeated problems with bounced checks, we have established the following policy for insufficient funds situations:

  • Any returned checks will incur a $25 fee. Con Cash will not be accepted as payment for this fee.
  • Anyone who has a delinquent account with Nuke-Con will not be permitted to register for the convention or sign up for any events until all fees (membership, t-shirt and/or ISF) are paid in full.
  • Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in Nuke-Con putting that person on a cash-only basis.
  • Persons who fail to make restitution may: be banished from all Nuke-Con events; have the past due account reported to a collection agency; have other actions taken as deemed necessary and appropriate by Nuke-Con’s Board of Directors and its legal counsel.

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? Contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
We hope you enjoy the convention!