2016 Event Report

  • Meteorological conditions (weather) wonderful: Check
  • Visiting dignitaries (outstanding and entertaining Guests of Honor): Check
  • Environment secured (new convention space configuration): Check
  • Suppliers (dealers and artists): Check
  • Instruction manual (program books) printed: Check
  • Fuel and lubrication (snacks and pop!): Check
  • Incentive program (Prize Vault) stocked: Check

We opened the gates and magically there was a Nuke-Con, and the outcome was fantastic!

Record high attendance. Jumped right over the 1000 Likes mark on Facebook. More tournaments than ever. And (my personal favorite) the Snack Bar ran dry just about as the convention doors closed!

You know we do this for our gamer community, and the entire gamer community has supported Nuke-Con most enthusiastically. From the spent fuel bottoms of our hearts, Thank you! Thank you again!


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