New to Nuke-Con 2017 — FUELING ON SITE!

The GodMom has been contemplating the expenses of a gamer’s weekend. Everybody has to eat.

Here are some typical expenses for eating during the convention:

Lunch Burger, Side, Drink, and Dessert. $13.00
Dinner Quesadilla, Tortilla Chips, Drink, and Dessert. $15.00
Valuable gaming time lost due to eating off-site ~ 1 Hour


Nuke-Con has a new alternative… on-site eating!

Meal Box Sandwich, Chips, Pasta Salad, Fruit, Drink, and Cookie. $15.00
Valuable gaming time lost due to eating on-site ~ 5 Minutes




We regret this very important announcement for our gamers:

Hotel RL requires Nuke-Con to enforce the No Outside Food rule.


You can reserve your meals ahead of time here when you buy your badge, and then your Fuel Rod tickets will be ready in your Registration packet when you check in.

NOTE: If you have already bought your badge, or if you have difficulties with the link, contact Registration.

You have until September 16th, 2017 to reserve your Fuel Rods.

More detail, including the specific Fuel Rod choices for each mealtime, can be found here.

You’ll receive an email before the convention asking you to make your meal selections.

Quantities are limited. Maintain your Nuke-lear Reaction and reserve your Fuel Rods now!

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