Good evening, Fellow Gamers.

I have to announce today that Nuke-Con has decided not to hold a face-to-face convention in October 2020.

We also decided that we can’t let our 30th Annual Convention disappear with just a whimper, so we’re shifting gears to an online convention. It’ll be the same weekend you’ve been planning for: October 2, 3, and 4, 2020. We’re still working out details, but in the meantime we invite all GMs to talk with us about how to shift your game to one of the many available online platforms.

You can reach Erik Luken, Game Registration, at
You can reach Josh Stortz for membership questions at
You can reach Speedy Coveny to talk about pre-paid booths at
You can reach me for general questions and comments at
You can also send a message to us via our Facebook page

We’ll post updates as we finalize details.

Like you, we’ve been hoping for the best but planning for the worst. The staff talked about better spacing around tables, limiting the number of people at a given table, masks, and disinfectant. We discussed the financial impact to the organization, how much we’ll miss seeing our friends, and what the Nuke-Con community might think of us whichever decision we made. In the end, we decided that we can’t, in good conscience, open an arena for possible – maybe even likely – transmission of disease.

Thank you all for understanding.

Norajane McIntyre
Aka the GodMom
Nuke-Con 2020 Convention Coordinator

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