An Aftershock is what Nuke-Con lovingly calls the “one-day gaming events” hosted throughout the year.

Why attend an Aftershock? You get to try new games, play old favorites and hang out with great people!

  • Are you fascinated by games like Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Twilight Imperium or Arkham Horror, but don’t feel like dropping hundreds of dollars to jump into them? Try it at an Aftershock!
  • Have you been interested in trying the newest version of your favorite RPG, but the rest of your home-game players aren’t ready to sacrifice the current version? Try it at an Aftershock!
  • Do you have a home-brew game or a print-n-play game and want to introduce it to a fresh batch of players? Sign up to host it at an Aftershock!
  • Have you created a new adventure and want to playtest it before the main convention?
    Run it at an Aftershock!
  • Are you dying to dust off a classic game but struggling to find enough people to join you?
    Bring that baby to an Aftershock!

Aftershocks are low-key game days that work as a great way to introduce your friends and family to game conventions. We’ll publish a list of events on the Fallout Shelter, but no pre-registration is required and you sign up for games when you get there.

Need some entertainment on a lazy Saturday afternoon?  Get thee to an Aftershock!

Aftershocks will be back in 2019. Watch this space for information as it develops!