There is no such thing as too much gaming. Nuke-Con hosts Aftershock Game Days periodically throughout the year to help fill in the time between our annual weekend conventions. We keep the Aftershocks simple: 10 am  to 10 pm, tables for games, snacks for energy, and maybe a vendor or two to satisfy the urge for retail therapy.

Aftershocks are low-key game days that work as a great way to introduce your friends and family to game conventions. We’ll publish a list of events on the our website, but no pre-registration is required and you sign up for games when you get there.

(Psssst!  If you happen to be looking for a way to support Nuke-Con, volunteering at an Aftershock is a great way to get started.)

The next Aftershock is happening today, March 20th 2021!

Starting at 10am on our Discord Server. The event schedule has the details you need for some socially distant fun. What do you need to do?

  1. Join our Discord Server.
  2. Link your Nuke-Con account to your Discord membership.
  3. Register for your free badge.
  4. Sign up for events via the schedule.
  5. Show up at the virtual table and play!

Haven’t played online like this before? Not sure what you need? Never used Discord? We have you covered. Do you want to jump in and GM something? Event submissions are open all day!

Their will be staff online in the Discord server in the “Convention Help” area.