Staffer Steve here, and I…

Wait… do you feel that?

I haven’t felt one of these in over two years!


For those you new to the sensation of an Aftershock, allow me to explain…

Periodically, Nuke-Con arranges for one-day special game events, known as “Aftershocks”, which are held at locations around the Omaha area.

They have returned… and our first Aftershock in over two years is taking place at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church!

We will need GM’s! We will need game hosts! And we will need gamers… so many gamers!

We will have board games! and tabletop RPGs! and miniatures!  Bring your friends!  Everybody is welcome!  We must all Escape Reality, one game at a time!

The Aftershock happens May 27th, 2023 at 10AM and goes to 10PM, for twelve hours worth of Escaping Reality.

Get your tickets at the door for $5 per person for the entire day (or take $1.00 off with a donation of two cans of food for the church’s food pantry)!

I’ll see you there!

UPDATE: I just received word that Nuke-Con artist extraordinaire Fredd Gorham will be hosting an Artist Jam at the Aftershock, so we’re calling all artists to the event!

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