We all love games, but we all have other expenses. In an effort to help maintain a healthy balance, Nuke-Con brings you

The Game Master and Volunteer

Reimbursement Program

The goal: to provide a way for dedicated volunteers and game masters to reduce the cost of a convention badge.

The sytem: For every eight hours of pre-registered volunteer eb54bdbd-6ef8-4be6-98ce-6d566b4fb9e5-6634-0000052126034f3dtime, or every eight hours of games that are scheduled in advance and that run, Nuke-Con will reimburse half the cost of the volunteer’s badge. For twelve hours of volunteer or game time, we’ll reimburse the entire cost of the badge. Mixing game time and volunteer time is permitted. Pre-registering for either function is required.

We also need volunteers for pre-convention activities; this time will count toward the total, as will games registered in advance for Aftershocks.

As always, there is fine print which you can find here.

Nuke-Con recognizes that our convention cannot run without its volunteers and its game masters. Our gratitude has no half-life; it is forever. We’re glad to be able to offer this tangible evidence.

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