Gaming at Joe’s (another new face at Nuke-Con) sells board games and other board game related items, such as dice, dice bags, and jewelry.

“All my work has its roots in realism and the challenge is to accurately depict the images in my mind. My work ties together realms of reality and fantasy, with forays into the elements of the world around me. The goal is to create fantasy worlds that other people can imagine themselves traveling to…”
As you can see above, Joe is also an indie game designer, so when you visit his booth be sure to ask him about what he’s working on right now.

“My passion is to tell stories, making games allows me to take my stories and bring them to life, though either video games or physical games such as board games and card games. I have found that games have two benefits for people, they both allow people to come together and create a bond, and they also allow people to escape to that world and take a break from their day-to-day life.”

Joe has got a great display of his creations over at      

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