What are you excited about in regards to the Con?

I’m ALWAYS excited when I’m invited to be a “Guest of Honor” RPG writer and designer at my local Nuke-Con, but this time it’s UBER exciting as I’ve been selected to be the “Guest of Horror” RPG writer and designer! I mean, come on… Guests of Honor come and go, but how many get the distinction of being Nuke-Con’s Guest of Horror? 🙂

I’ve been working on a three part adventure to run this year that I’m really excited about, and for a variety of reasons. However, I don’t want to ruin the surprises I have in store, but I will say that this adventure is uniquely suited to this year’s Nuke-Con.

As the Guest of Horror, I’m also excited to try some of my newly designed supernatural beings that I plan on adding to my next sourcebook, “Beyond the Paranormal”. 

Shameless Plug: My biggest sourcebook to date, “Creature Feature” wasn’t able to make it in time for the Nuke-Con, but it’s on track to be out by Halloween! Several of the creatures in the book were designed, playtested, and tweaked at various Nuke-Con events.

But, perhaps what I’m looking forward to the most… is talking to the guests in person again. Nuke-Con guests are the coolest, and I’ve missed them!

What have you be digging recently?

The last movie I went bananas over is “The Black Phone”. It’s got a great cast (every actor elevated the movie), the director was on the top of his game, and all the nods to the 70’s lifestyle and horrors of the time were spot on. It even pulled off a rare feat where the movie outshines the short story (written by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill) it was based on. The fact that I’ve really been into writing and designing ghost story related adventures as of late is just a bonus. 🙂

The show I’ve been into lately? Well, it’s been Fringe. I loved the show when it first aired a decade ago, and I’ve recently acquired the entire series on Blu-ray. It’s been like solving weird and unexplainable cases again with old friends  that I’ve really missed. 

The board game I’ve been psyched up about lately is the 10-year anniversary edition of “A Touch of Evil”. Not only does its “Colonial Horror” theme and feel make for a perfect time to play over the Halloween season, but I’ve been asked by Flying Frog Games to come up to Seattle and host this particular game for the guests at their annual “Dice Fest” next month. 

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