Let’s start from the beginning and work our way through your Nuke-COnline experience.

Do I need to buy a badge/registration?

Yes, which you can do on our registration page and you can do that throughout the weekend. PayPal is what we use to process payments. If you can’t use PayPal, we can see about doing a over-the-phone credit card payment via Square. You can reach out to us on Facebook, email, and Discord.

I bought a badge. Where do I go?

The way to get to your tables is going to be on our Discord Server. You will need a Discord account and, for the best experience, the Discord software for your device or computer.

Once you have Discord setup and you have an account, take a moment to link your Discord account with your Nuke-Con account on your profile page via the Connect button. This will automatically join you to our Discord Server.

I still can’t seem to find your Discord Server. What do I do?

You can you this invite link to join up.

How do I know which table to go to?

Our schedule page lists all the events and their tables. Our Discord Server has matching channels for each table.

Each event detail page has more information from the GMs regarding what additional platforms, if any, they are using. This is where you will also find the Discord Server channel links that go right to the virtual table.

NOTE: You need to sign up for the event to see the Discord links! Here’s an example of what you might on an event detail page:

Example of the event links and Discord channels on PFS1 5-12, “A Bitter Bargain”.

I still can’t seem to get to my table. What do I do?

The Nuke-Con staff is standing by to help! Besides email and Facebook, we will be manning the Discord Server during normal convention hours. Find us here:

You mentioned convention hours. What are those?

Like a normal year, the staff are around during these times:

  • Friday 3pm – Saturday 2am
  • Saturday 8am – Sunday 2am
  • Sunday 8am – Sunday 6pm

I’m looking to run an event. How do I get it into the schedule?

You can submit your event on our website. If you have questions, our event staff can be found in the #game-reg-desk channel on our Discord Server.

I already have events in the schedule. Is there anything I should do?

Yes! If you are running events that are not just in our Discord Server, such as: Roll20, Table Top Simulator, FoundryVTT or many others, you need provide a link to it on your event for the players. You can do that by logging into your account and visiting your events. Near the bottom of the detail page, you’ll see the form to submit a link.

Adding a Board Game Arena Table to an event.

Another option is posting those details to your players in your Discord Text Channel for your table. That way when they join up, the message is waiting for them!

How do I take roll call for my game?

We’re still trying to grapple with the lack of paper event cards, but we have answers. On your event detail page, you can see a list of your players and you can now mark them present or absent. This info will be saved off for us and for GMs who need this information later for after-event reporting.

What about dice?

We’ve got that covered too. We have Avrae and D1-C3 on our Discord Server. Avrae responds to commands via ‘$’.

D1-C3 responds to commands via ‘!’.

This FAQ hasn’t answered my question. What now?

Running things completely online is new for many people, including us. We’re bound to forget something. We’re available all weekend through many forms of communication and happy to answer your questions!

I’m playing in Adventurers League or Pathfinder/Starfinder, is there anything extra I should do?

You should check your events for extra links regarding event signups or getting your character ready. There are also mustering channels #ddal-mustering and #pfs-muster in Discord where you can meet up and ask questions with the organizers.